Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I havent done a character design in a looooong time. It was quite fun, I think ill keep at it.


  1. Very cool. Hopefully you develop an entire series of characters using the same style. Then hopefully use them together for future projects. I'll definitely try something like that.

  2. Hey Jonathan, are you gonna go to palo alto for life drawing tuesday nights?

  3. Alvin, hmm that's a good idea. Although I didnt have that in mind when i painted her. Id have to change her costume a bit to give her more of a personality or roll.

    Jon, haha thanks!

    Henry, I just looked it up. I don't think I'll be going to those. It's a 40 min drive and 7:00 is traffic time so it could take even longer. Do you know of any closer to Evergreen? I don't have the money for gas to drive to Palo Alto haha.