Friday, May 6, 2011


Today I gave myself 2 limitations: no special layers like overlay or soft light, and i did not allow myself to open the ref in Photoshop. I just kept it in the internet browser.

The results are dramatic and apparent. I have been relying on those 2 things like a crutch. yuck. I think it's good that recognize them as mere tricks and I'm gonna try to avoid them with referenced paints. On the other hand though, I think special layers are fine for original paintings since the objective is not to color pick and replicate using just the eye.

Anyway here's what I came up with


  1. Still looks nice even though you took away those two "clutches." I thought you stopped using overlays a while ago, but I guess not. haha Now you know the dilemma I go through every painting.

    The buildings from the red house on, should have more light blue,and the tree on the far left. The sky could be lighter. I definitely get that the street is being lit, but the background doesn't match the time of day. There's also some sky fill missing from the greenery. Still looks good. Let's keep going!

  2. I like the way you think. It's good to stay away from the special layers. And I think the result is still impressive. Pay closer attention to values though. The elements further away from the camera are less contrasty. For example the windows/shadows from the house in the back. You made them too dark so they pop forward. Same with the image you posted before especially the bottom part of the center building. It should be way lighter.
    I'm curious what you will come up with in you next original painting.

  3. Thanks Goro, I know what you mean about those windows. I'll pay closer attention to atmospheric perspective.