Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Painting From Imagination

Yesterday I got the Art Of Tangled book and the Vis-Dev paintings by Craig Mullins, Laurent Ben-Mimoun, and Lisa Keen Blew me away I made this from that inspiration. I'm not happy with it and I don't hate it. I've got a long way to go.


  1. Wow...this is great. I love the reflection of the rock in the water and I definitely can see that you have a feeling where the light is coming from. Awesome job! My turn. haha

  2. Good job again! You should be happy with it. Obviously better than your second without reference. Light direction is clear but this painting would look better without the custom brushes. :D Try not to use them too much yet. The warm grass on the brown cliff in the center is great! You should have extended that towards the left side where the grass is in light. It's getting a bit too cool over there. Good job on the values too. The rocks on the left might be a bit too contrasty. The darks could be a bit lighter.
    Overall a successful piece! Keep going and try harder not to miss a day and if you do definitely catch up again. When you skip once skipping twice becomes easier and before you know you start skipping a lot more days. You are still doing huge steps forward. Keep going, you are starting to get it.

  3. Jon- Thanks, Good luck!

    Goro- Thanks Goro, I am happy with it. But at a 2nd glance, there's a few things that bug me. I'll try doing my next one without custom brushes.

  4. By the way Goro, I really like the Gifs you're creating on your blog. What program do you use to make those?

  5. Thanks,
    It's Maya ncloth for the hair simulation. I render it and compose it in after effects. Bring a jpg sequence back to photoshop to create the gif.