Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear John Movie Still

I never saw this movie but I liked the lighting on this screen cap.


  1. Just dropping in again!
    You made some huge steps forward! You're scary fast so I hope you never stop busting out those speedies. Your last imaginary one is amazing and the character design has beautiful lighting in it too! I can see that you are breaking down light and shadows in your head before you paint a stroke. I think you are totally ready to move over to do more original pieces and less pieces from reference. I like the way you simplify forms to rough brush strokes too. Everything is starting to work.
    Pay closer attention to values though. You still tend to go too contrasty on the background or certain elements in the midground. Keep the grayscale window open to check on your values. (the trick I showed at the lecture)

    What you could try is pick a simple a totoro...and put him in different lighting setups on one sheet. sunny, night time, diffuse light, camp fire light etc with a simple background. (just ground and sky would be enough) Try to figure out how the local color changes according to the lighting situation. Don't waste time with the drawing for now. Keep it really rough and focus on lighting. I'm curious how you'll do.

    Keep it up you are on the right track.

  2. Thanks Goro!I'll keep what you said in mind and I'll try out your suggestion for Today's painting, even though I already did one. Guess I'm doing 2 today!