Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old biker dude

Cliche biker says hello!

After already painting this, I saw the comment Goro left on my last post. Guess I'm doing 2 today!


  1. Theres a 2 hour life drawing session in Alameda Art Works on wednesdays 6-8PM. Its $5 for students, can you make it?

  2. Hey Henry, I just got this email from the model coordinator at SJSU:

    Hey Guys!

    Its Kristy, your SHM model coordinator!
    I hope you are all enjoying the first few days of summer! Its time for Summer figure drawing!!

    Figure drawing will be held on Tuesdays from 1-4, and will start on June 14th.

    It will most likely be in room 206, but that is subject to change... so I will keep you posted!

    I hope to see you all there!!!

    Lets fire it up!!

    I'll probably be going to those instead of the paloalto or alameda one. However, I'm taking figure drawing at deanza as well. It starts on June 27th and ends at 12:50 so it overlaps the SJSU drawing session a bit. I'm not sure how I'll work that out yet.

  3. Well the Alameda Art Works one is just in downtown san jose.

    Thanks for the info!