Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boat Man

Trying out gouache again today. I used hardly any water when mixing the colors this time. I like the effect.


  1. OOUUuuuu, I really like it! :D Are these copies? Or from life?

  2. This one was from a photo. The website wouldnt let me download the image for some reason so I didnt post it.

    But Here's the site:

    Really great reference Imo.

  3. Good job on the colors! Looks really nice.
    Have you been able to keep painting every day? Or did you skip a few days? Just curious :P

    If you want,
    here's another thing I suggest to paint.
    Nightime alley/street with a white van parked on the side of the road, a streetlight shining on the van, another car passing by with the break lights on cause the traffic light turned red. It's 4AM in the morning and slightly foggy.
    (Of couse you don't have to paint exactly that. I'm just suggesting things. I wanna see what you do with the white van though.)

    You can use reference for all the elements in the image like cars, traffic lights, street lights, buildings etc but try to paint it without lighting reference, meaning don't look for dark alleys/streets or night time photos.
    This will be a good exercise for you.
    And keep it rough. No need to detail it out.

  4. Hey Goro, unfortunately I've missed 4 days due to no reason other than my laziness.

    Thanks for the assignment, I'll definately work on that tomorrow. looks tough!