Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Sheep

Today I finished the rain and night set ups. Yesterday I strugled a lot with just the first one. I spent about 5 hours messing around with the sun lit one before i just scrapped the whole thing and started over. I ended up using Goro's method he covered in the demo at school. It made things much simpler and faster, especially for an image like this where light was my main concern.

The "Lock Transparent Pixels" button is ammmaazzzing.

By the way, I got the idea of using this sheep from this image I painted last semester. I did this before starting these speed paintings.  Ive learned so much doing these last 50 paintings :D


  1. This is exactly what I wanted you to do. Crazy how simple things can be that hard right? I can see that you are struggling. But overall good job. I doubt that you have been capable of doing this 20 paintings ago.
    The good thing about those exercises is that you have to work with what you have. Meaning you can't cheat by putting other stuff in the scene to distract from your flaws. This totally exposes your lighting knowledge :) You should do this exercise from time to time.

    Your sunlit one is definitely the strongest. It's the light you studied the most anyway. It would have been easier for you leaving out the water to keep it really simple and it would have been still hard enough :)

    I can see what you tried to do in the night time one. This little lamp/fire wouldn't be able to light up the whole area though. in this case the light would barely reach the ground and will cause a rim light on the sheep with a strong light fall off. Since it's night time the reflection in the water wouldn't be that blue and that bright. Nice touch on the rim light of the moon on the upper left edge of the torch. But if you do something like that you gotta keep it consistent and it should be on the sheep too.

    Your diffuse light piece still feels too sunny. The shadows are way too sharp. Diffuse light creates very soft shadows and you will loose most of the contrast between shadow and light area. (very hard to paint so no worries) Again, keep the lighting consistent. While you lit the sheep you forgot about the top part of the torch. There is no light hitting the torch. (maybe you ran out of time)

    Then you lost track on the rainy scene. :) But that's ok. It's another hard one cause again it's diffuse light but I know you can do better.
    You lost control about light direction and values. The image becomes flat and very graphic. I guess you ran out of energy.

    4 scenes requires a lot of thinking and you did a good job for your first attempt so don't take my critics personally. I know how hard it is.

    I did a paintover to show what I'm talking about. It was quick so it's far from perfect but it should make things clearer. Carefully compare each element of the painting with what you did. That'll help to understand what's going on with the light.

    It's a really tough exercise. So maybe do it again after 10-20 paintings. And try to work on the things I pointed out until then. Look for specific reference images you can practice from. Diffuse light, Rain, night etc.
    You improved so much already. Keep going!

  2. Thanks Goro!

    I'm not taking any of your critique personally, In fact I'm incredibly grateful you critiqued this one so rigorously. It's definitely been the most challenging piece so far and your critique and paint over help so much.

    The changes you made seem almost obvious given its simplicity but there's actually so much thinking going on. I have a new respect for natural light after tackling this one.

    I agree with everything you said one hundred percent. Your paint over really cleared up all of the challenges I was facing while struggling with this piece.

    I'll take everything you mentioned and hit the ground running tomorrow! I'm so pumped after you tore my painting apart haha!

    Thank you soo much!

  3. woah! between the art work post and goro's criticism I feel so enlightened! now i gotta try all this out ! really great attempt jonathan.and that was some incredible criticism too.

  4. Woah this is simply amazing! Jon your work is awesome, and Goro's critism is so useful and enlightening. It all makes so much sense!

    As a student I am making the same mistakes, or even more obvious ones gthat I notice once the piece is done. There's so much left to learn! I'm only on my 5th speedpainting! So glad I stumbled upon this!

  5. I'm glad you liked this Nikhita, the speed paintings have definately helped a lot. Keep at them and you will improve fast!