Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Quick Lighthouse painting before school.

There's so much purple in this picture! wth! I'm not happy with it. I spent way to much time on the details. I was at 55 minutes before I started with the grass so I cheated with some custom brushes haha.

I also began to do Masterworks studies digitally so heres my first one. The artist is Edwin Lord Weeks.
I really had fun playing with some custom brushes on this one. It took about 30 minutes.
and the refrence I used is here:

Time to draw naked people, peace!


  1. haha I know you didn't like this one, so you know about the purple sky. We both kinda got the wheat part darker than it should have been, and we both made the shaded side of the lighthouse too dark. But I think you did a better job of lighting the painting than I. Another one down, woot!

  2. These are very nice, Jonathan, Agreed about the purple in the lighthouse image. if that happens try to pump a little lighter value blue into it. That will round it off and then instead of just orange for the grass, try some yellow and then play up the pink highlights. For more on this, try replicating master paintings from J.S. Sargent, N.C. Wyeth, Degas etc. I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff form you.

  3. Jonathan - Yay 5 down. 300ish...left to go!
    yup I agree with everything. I'm gonna try to keep it looser too.

    Jeff - Thanks for stopping by Jeff! I'll try bringing in my own colors. I think its necessary on an image like this. I'll do some master studies of those artists soon as well. thanks!