Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leyendecker Master Copy

Had free time so I found a Leyendecker and copied it. Woooooww doing this was soo insightful. I felt like I was picking his brain. I have very little traditional painting experience but this study really makes me want to break out my oils.

Anyway, this painting blows my mind. If he did this painting from imagination, I can barely.. aghhh. I'll definitely be doing more master studies.


  1. Nice colors! The side of her dress that is being illuminated on the right side of the painting needs more orange-yellow to show that it's coming from the same light source. You did the value right, it's just the colors in that section that are off. Also, that dark brush stroke where the planes change should be a harder edge. Overall, it's purdy.

    The color pallet reminds me of candy...I just wanna eat it. lol


    That was the word verification for my comment. lol

  3. Yea agreed, there's definitely more orange under her arm and on the lit side of the face.