Monday, April 18, 2011

Green and Yellow

This was the most fun of my speed paintings so far. I'm also satisfied with this one the most. I went with as few custom brushes as I could but those olive leaves are so tiny! I went with custom brushes fro those in the end, but I'm happy to say i rendered all of the ground and trunks with just a hard round brush and I'm rather happy with the appearance. 11 down, manny more to go!


  1. This one is by far your best piece! Great job overall! You managed to capture the light beautifully! I could see big improvements throughout your last pieces. You're picking it up pretty fast. I like how you simplified the textures too.

    When you paint without reference really spend some time thinking about the main light direction before you start to paint. Looking at your piece it's hard for me to tell where the light is coming from. Also I can't really tell what the elements in the painting are made of. Is it rocks or rocks with a layer of grass. Is it mountains in the back or a forest? You are loosing the local color which makes it hard to tell what it is. Also if there is so much blue atmosphere you would never get grass that warm in the foreground. But hey it's your first piece without ref so good job. It will take a few more attempts to get it right but really try to think about lighting "before" you start.
    Keep going you're making good progress.

  2. Hey Goro, tanks for the great crit. I’m glad you think I’m improving. I feel like I am too. These speed paintings are such a great idea.
    Thanks for the tips on painting without reference as well. I will definitely consider light source “before” I begin my next non-ref painting. I do remember you mentioning that several times during your demo but I somehow forgot XD.
    I know you must be really busy, and taking time to critique my work is really encouraging! Thanks a bunch!