Sunday, April 24, 2011

2nd painting from imagination!

Here is my 2nd painting from imagination. I took Goro's advice and painted a scene with a white house and payed close attention to light direction, bounce light, sun light, and a bit of sky fall. He explains it well on his blog

I am happy with how this painting turned out. I went quite a bit over the 1 hour time limit but i feel like i was learning valuable information while figuring problems out. Over the past few days, I felt like I wasn't getting much out of my speed paintings, but I'm learning

that it all pays off on paintings from my imagination. I have a looong way to go but i feel like I'm making slow and steady progress :D

EDIT: Goro was kind enough to do a paint over on my image to show where I can improve and I must say, it looks way better! the bright blue sky fits the strong sunlight on the foreground much better. The value change to the mountains in the far back give a better sense of atmospheric perspective. The water now reflects the color of the sky. (I knew this, but didn't do it in the original >.<) and the strong shadows help push the bright sun light.  Thank you Goro!


  1. not slow and steady at all....more like sky rocketing. This is your second painting without reference and I can see light! It's great! It really shows that you were thinking carefully about what's going on. I would suggest to slowly switch over to doing more original paintings. Next two days with reference and then the day after one without and so on.

    Here are some notes for ya.
    Watch your values in the background. You have a lot of contrast going on there which makes the background pop forward. The mountain range in the far back could be almost as light as the sky and the dark shadows at the bottom of the hills should be a lot lighter.
    Also the painting has two different lighting situations. While the foreground is in warm bright sunlight the background seems overcast. the sky could be a lot cooler and brighter to really show how bright it is. I made a quick paint over to show you what I mean.

    also since the sun is really strong I would emphasize the shadows on the house also shown in the paint over. There is definitely a lot of bounce light but the shadow side will be still darker than what you did.
    I like how you stayed mostly saturated in the highlight areas. You're definitely starting to get it. Keep going!

  2. Wow, Thanks Goro! I completely agree with your critique. And the paint over makes it that much more clear. I really like the changes you made to my painting, it really makes the house pop. I'll also start doing more original paintings like you suggested.

    I'm going to edit this post to show your paint over next to mine :D

    You've helped me so much, I'm really thankful for the time you take to help me out. It's really encouraging!