Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 1!

Hello! welcome to my blog.
I am a student at San Jose State University studying to get my BFA in Animation/Illustration. I decided to make a blog here to post my work.

After attending a talk by Goro Fujita, A friend and I decided to start doing daily speed paintings like he did in school.

My notes during the presentation:

For now this blog will serve as a sort of journal to document my progress as well as a motivation to continue this daily exercise in self improvement!

I'll try to keep all my speed paintings between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Anyway here go!

I'm on my third day of speed paintings so here's 3!



  1. Hey you're doing great man! I really like the one with the tree. The light is working beautifully. Make sure to state which ones you painted from reference photos. Just so people know. And from time to time try to paint a similar lighting scenario out of your head and then go back to painting from reference. It really helps understanding lighting. Also be careful not to to go too tight on the drawing. The lighthouse can be a lot more simplified. Focus on colors and how the light behaves instead of trying to get the drawing right.

    I dig the note page you posted :)
    Good luck and keep going!

  2. Thanks for the critique Goro, I'll make sure to edit my posts to indicate referenced images and ill do my best to not get caught up in details.

    Thanks for dropping by!