Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where the wild things wait for the bus.

I'm not sure why I painted this... I haven't seen the move and haven't read the book in many years. I like the character nonetheless.


  1. Pretty painting as usual, but I haven't really crit your work in a while. Here goes:

    I assume it's near sunset or late afternoon, but I'm a little confused on the light source. At first I thought it as to the exact left of him, but then the shadow of the bench wouldn't reach that far behind. But if it was from the right of the actual picture plane, the feet wouldn't create a shadow in that direction. With a shadow with that shape, it would be earlier in the day and wouldn't have that intense of orangy-yellow tints.

    During this time of the day, the sun gets pretty intense. Your colors are great, but the lit part of the bench would be lighter than the part in shadow cast by the monster. There also might be a slight light yellow-ish highlight on the edge of the bench closest to the sun. There will also be a similar highlight on the actual bus sign and pole because it's metal.

    For the actual beast, areas like where his right arm and body meet could be darker because there is a lack of light, even fill light. Speaking of fill light, you have some on top of his head where it's cast in shadow, but it would be consistent throughout his body because his body is all fur, right? I even think that the seat part of the bench could use some fill light. Light goes everywhere...unless nearly unexposed to it; like the small space between his harm and body.

    I hope these comments help. I'm not sure how long you worked on this painting, so time could just be the issue. Also, I'm not completely solid on my lighting, but these are just some notes that I've observed while I'm outside. Let's keep going! Tomorrow is the three month mark! :D

  2. Thanks for the insight Jon. you make a lot of sense. I think I kinda go carried away with the character design and began neglecting the light. Thanks for putting me back on track. I'll work more on lighting today and keep what you said in mind. :D

  3. Yeah, no problem. :) I know what u mean about getting caught up with other elements. I think that's why lighting gets so intimidating, because there's a lot going on. G'luck on ur painting today. Show off all the experience you've gained! :D