Thursday, July 21, 2011

food stop

Goro was kind enough to paint over this one. I'm making the same mistakes again aghh! Well, its just more of a reason to continue these daily paintings. Thanks Goro!


nothing like hotdogs over a fire


  1. haha this one's gonna be fun to crit 'cause I just went camping this past weekend. XD

    First off, I really like your fire. The thing with fire is that it coats an orangy-yellow hue on everything in it's reach. Refer back to the sheep paintover by Goro. The sword caught my eye first. Since, it's metal, it would reflect the fire to the viewer. But you did great on the guy and the roasting weenie (sorry, had to say it. haha XD).

    I like the moonlit part of your background. Feels like moonlight! :D

    Great stuff lately, Jon. I finish summer school today, so I'll finally be able to get back onto my tablet regularly. You're almost at 100. GO, GO GO!! :DD

  2. So you'll probably wanna punch yourself in the face if you read this cause you are doing the same mistakes again. (like in the sheep painting) But that's all good. It's all part of the learning process. It would be too easy without any set backs :) I'd say this is one of your weaker paintings but it's also fairly complex and it's good that you're challenging yourself. To me it feels like you got carried away by the drawing and trying to get the perspective right rather than focusing on lighting cause I know the knowledge is there but you didn't really apply it this time. At least not enough.

    The fire is a very strong light source. As Jonathan said it would reach out a lot more.
    You lit his face with a cool purple/red although the fire is emitting a very warm light. Same goes for his jacket the collar and his boots. they all have cool highlights although it should be warm. Since the light of the fire is hitting him directly the legs would cast dark shadows. The tree trunk would catch a lot more light too.
    I really like the idea of the moonlight from the upper right corner and it's partially working but the sword is way too bright. I'm guessing the sword is reflecting the sky color but imagine the sky being that bright at night.

    Also the outlines of the initial drawing are muting the lighting too. If you paint with light you wanna paint over those lines since they will add additional contrast and you don't want and make things pop forward that are not supposed to be the center of interest.

    This is again some harsh critique and I know you haven't played around with this type of lighting scenario too much. But I'm certain you'll do better next time after reading this.

    Here is another paint over.

    Keep going Jonathan! Almost a hundred!

  3. Thanks guys! These paint overs are really worth a thousand words Goro, Every change you made makes perfect sense.

    I think the problem I had was looking at photo reference of camp fires. In the photos, The fire is just to bright for a camera give a realistic real life view of a campfire. The fire was just way to blown out in the photos and everything else was dark.

    I tried to take this advice in today's painting but it's a complete different lighting scenario. I'll try another night one soon!