Thursday, July 21, 2011

Market Day

I'm a bit reluctant to post this painting. I feel like I'm making the same mistakes but I dont know what... Something just looks off. anyhow, It was alot of fun to paint. I dont even want to mention how long it took though. The line drawings always look so much less complicated!


  1. Yeah much better! This one is definitely one of your stronger ones. Good job overall it's a tough setup. the "Something just feels off" lies in the highlights. Make them brighter and warmer. The highlights on her skin look good but everything else is kind of muted. You can pump up the highlight values/saturation/temperature of the grass, wood, fruits, hand bag, dress, red wall in the back etc and you'll see the magic :D

    Even if it might have took you a bit longer to paint this piece I wouldn't say you wasted time since it shows that you are really thinking about what the light is doing.

    This is another successful piece. Though so far my fav is No.85

  2. Thanks Goro, I see it now, everything the sun is hitting could be much brighter. I'll try to paint over this one soon.