Thursday, July 14, 2011

Migration Take 2

Joe and Amy requested to polish up painting # 85 but didn't really want to paint over that scene again. since most of the learning behind it was complete (Light, composition, mood, temperature). So I painted a similar painting from scratch and spent about an hour more time then i usually would have for a speed painting.

About 2 hours, Photoshop from imagination

I was watching some videos from while painting it though, so it may have had some influence on it.


  1. Hi jon. This is indeed a good painting and i know this is not the same painting you did before (i forgot the no.) However, the reason i said kinda want to see you worknon the painting may be bec. The color, composition, story, and the loosness of the painting. I feel more "life" in that painting compare to this one. While this one have nice color hamony, your other one have almost all...light, mood, and complimentary color. And may be bec. The other one you worked on cinema aspect ratio, it helps your painting look more room to breath, and looks more cenematic story telling. Well these are only my opinion tho. I would encourage you to work on cinema aspect ratio. So it would help you practice thinking about composition and where to place what in where on the scene. Do you know what im talking about? BTW for this painting, if you push the background back, give it more asmosphereic perspective, would help this painting better. Fire it up!

  2. Oh jon! One more thing i forgot to say. If you notice this painting have too many vertical lines. The rock, the mountain, the stone, the waterfall, they are all straight vertical line. That makes this painting a little stiff, thats what i mean the other painting got more life in it bec it have "organic" feel, which this painting lacks. You might have heard "straight against curve". Try to marry this into all of your drawing. Hope this help.

  3. hey thanks Joe!Youre right haha way to many verticals. Ill keep that in mind. I'll keep all u said in mind for future paintings.

    Thanks for the crit!