Monday, April 30, 2012

#177-180 Lighting Excercise

Goro Fujita gave me some homework . I was to create 4 cubes with a white stripe from imagination with no reference in different lighting settings. These are the cubes he suggested.

1. sunny
2. overcast
3. night with a few fireflies around it
4. rainy night (light coming from street light off frame)

And here is the result.
I did a similar exercise in the past with sheep. I think I've improved :)

The old sheep exercise can be found here <--


  1. Those are looking nice man, definitely an improvement from the sheep ones. I think you could push the color a bit more. In your sunny day cube for example, think about the colors being reflected into the shadows, and how the green from the grass effects the red cube.

  2. Big big improvement! Well done Johnathan!
    I'll send you some notes.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Thanks for the critique Goro it was really helpful! I'll send u an email.

  4. hi jonathan.I love this study.gave me some direction to improve my own sense of lighting.i saw this and i check out ur old sheep paintings n i see uve made a huge improvement!got me all pumped up!great stuff man.

  5. wow, this is such a coll assignment!! You've drastically improved from the sheep assignment, in sense of color and bounce lighting! The rain one is amazing!!