Friday, April 20, 2012

#173 LightTest

Last week Dice Tsutsumi came and gave a talk at school. A student asked him his painting process and he replied something like "I paint at first with no light, and then turn them on one by one. key, fill, rim, skyfall, etc" This is also EXACTLY how Goro Fujita explained it just a year ago.

There must be something to this method, and I think I've strayed away from it. Here's a shot at it again.

Also, I got Mass Effect on the brain as you might notice.


  1. Ha who knew! That's interesting to hear.

    Lighting looks good!
    Still I think your paintings turn out too dark.
    I'm starting to wonder if your monitor setting is too bright. Does the painting look the same on other computers too?
    If you adjust the levels in photoshop the sunlight really comes into play. So if it's not the monitor. Try to go brighter in the highlights to really emphasize the sunlight.

  2. Thanks Goro,

    Actually, the painting does look dark on my laptop too. I just been to paint brighter!