Saturday, January 5, 2013


Been looking at a lot of Nathan Fowkes and Erwin Madrid work lately. Color and light really inspire me and they capture it beautifully.


  1. Nice studies jon. I like the camera focus effect. Are you trying to capture atmospheric perspective or just depth of field? like are we seeing through a glass/window or through a camera lens? Either way, looks impressive.

  2. Hi! :) I just have started to work with photoshop and it's not going well, so I'm really impressed with your works. It's quite difficult for me to find words in english to describe what I mean but I love the game of light and shadows! :)

  3. Thanks Alvin, I was going for a camera lens effect. Just a cheap trick i did that took 2 seconds after finishing the painting. :)

    Thanks Patrycja! just keep at it, I also found Photoshop very difficult when I first started but now its my most comfortable medium!