Thursday, January 3, 2013


Tried to go for rain without actually painting rain drops.

because of texture, rocks reflect the color of the sky, but the stump has a very mat-non reflective surface so it's saturation and value goes up.


  1. Awesome job with your recent paintings, Jon. ^^ I love see them. I need to back into my own paintings, lol.

    Also, you'll get to that 365. I believe in you! :D

  2. An interesting observation! Wish I had your kind of persistence. Work's definitely improving. It's amazing to follow this blog! :)

  3. Thanks Jon! I've noticed you have been, and your sketches are great too!

    wow Thanks Nikhita, I'm glad you're seeing improvement in my work :) I feel it too! I guess that's what gives me that persistence :D