Friday, August 10, 2012

Japanese Friendship Garden.... Progress!

Visited the Japanese Friendship Garden with Andy again.

Ive been painting my butt off this summer, trying to learn watercolor and I'm glad to say I've made some progress. The first painting was done this afternoon and the 2nd painting was done 3 months ago.

watercolor, gouache and a little photoshop to pump the highlights. White paint just isnt the same as preserving the white of the paper...which I should have done. 




  1. WHOA, you changed a lot on that piece from today. Looks better.

  2. Yeah.. coming home and using a photo as reference with some opaque gouache is cheating a little... But i did learn from it. the goal now is to just do all this on location.

  3. It's still your work though. Definitely reads better than the original.