Monday, August 13, 2012

#205-211 Color Comps

Hmm maybe these will become daily again..

Edit: Goro suggested I remove line sketching under the painting. And it helped :D


  1. Good stuff Jon. Make sure to remove the lines or paint over them. Even in those little thumbnails dark outlines makes it hard to really see the values and color. Those will look much better without the outlines.

  2. Wow jonathan!! These are so so amazing. I loved all the colors of the seasons. Brilliant work.

  3. Yeah now it's much easier to look at.
    Those are meant to be the same scenarios in different lighting right? Make sure to be aware of the local color. To me it looks like all the mountains are made out of different rock. What color are the rocks in the foreground?
    Also think about when the sunlight is hitting the tree (second one on the left) the ground should catch highlight too. Is there any grass growing in that one? If not it might be good to put some indication of vegetation that is drying out.
    There is a lot of good stuff in those thumbs. It's just not consistent enough.
    Maybe try a simpler scenario next time. Anyway keep up the good work!

    P.S. The lighting in the flamenco girl is gorgeous! Good job!