Monday, August 15, 2011

Snow and Lava

I accidentally stumbled on new way of painting. This was largely painted with the lasso tool and and large soft brush. I'm feeling very wary of using this method though. Not sure if I should. It saves a load of time to create quick clean edges but it feels like cheating in a way... But it was loads of fun and really pressure free to work this way. I think I'll experiment with it more but wont let it become a crutch.

Anyway.. Maciej Kuciara uses this method some times to create almost photo realistic paintings. Check out his blog:


  1. Ran into that guys blog a while back but lost it, thanks for finding it for me! haha! Lasso tool is great, a lot of artists use this technique for certain areas in their digital paintings. I still need to get used to it lol! Nice job on the painting! Reminds me of Mordor

  2. There's no cheating in art, only shortcuts :-) Anyway, that's clever idea. Glad you actually experimented a bit. I too just started experimenting with brushes. Got it from Min Yum and Jaime Jones and maybe some other I can't remember.

  3. Have you tried using Alchemy? Its fun for generating ideas.

  4. You're welcome Amy, and thanks! I was going for something like Mordor haha.

    That's freaky Alvin, We both practically found those same brushes on the same day of our own accord! WooaooOOOoo

    Nah Henry, I haven't tried using Alchemy, but I just checked it out. It looks really neat. I'll have to give it a shot some time. Reminds me of Ink splotching.