Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cave and Coast

2 quick environments from imagination


  1. congrats on surpassing a 100 paintings! I find it awesome to watch you grow. I think you can start doing more and more paintings from imagination and use reference only for lighting reference instead of copying it.

    quick note:
    Even if you do quick pieces like that, watch out for dark outlines. The rock on the left in the bottom piece has a dark black outline. The outline pops forward and makes the rock look flat. I've seen the dark outline leftovers in a few of your pieces. It's an easy fix and improves the paintings tremendously. But Overall your understanding of values improved a lot over the past months.

    I really liked the village rocks piece and your "back home" piece has a nice feel to it. What might be a good exercise for you is to grab a short story or a story that you have in mind and paint a bunch of story telling color keys for it. Doing sequential paintings is fun and you'll also learn how to keep a consistent style. Something you might wanna consider doing.

    keep it up!

  2. Thanks Goro! It feels great to have crossed that 100 line. I've learned so much! I'm so glad I took those few hours to check out your talk.

    I'll keep what you've said in mind