Saturday, June 29, 2013


Another attempt at sunlight.


  1. That's another step forward Jon! Much better balance. The colors don't feel separated from each other anymore. It all makes sense. It's much brighter than usual too. The only thing is that the shadow side of the white wouldn't be as blue since everything around it is warm colored. There is no sky causing the blue. Though the hue will be still cooler than the lit side.
    Same note for the dog.
    Here is a reference image I found that shows what I'm talking about.

    The colored object like the chest pillow and blanket look really good!
    Really good overall. I like how bright it feels.

  2. I didn't think about all the warm light that would be bouncing around inside the room since there are 4 walls and a ceiling. I treated it like an outdoor setting I think. You're totally right. Thanks goro!

    Your advice on how to cool things down on the shadow side helped tremendously! I think I'm ready to try a different lighting set up tonight!