Friday, December 28, 2012


Floating Tofu...
Edit!: After a suggestion from Goro to tweak a few saturation/hue adjustments this is what I came up with. I'd never really used these adjustments and I'm blown away at what they can do! Obviously I should not rely on these kinds of filters, but it gives me a good starting point to lay down more paint. Thank you Goro!

After Hue/Saturation Adjustments:


  1. Yes! Now we're talking! Looking good Jon. Colors are more vibrant than usual too! Good job. I think you can push the highlights slightly warmer to make it sunnier.

    Try this:
    Do a hue/saturation adjustment on yellow, increase the saturation and adjust the hue to a slightly warmer yellow and make it also a bit brighter.
    Then change the green hue and make it slightly cooler and darker.
    You'll start feeling the sunlight a lot more.

    Now I wanna see the Floating Tofu in the rain!

  2. Wow that made a huge difference with just a few tweaks,amazing! Also, thanks for the email Goro, I'm glad I decided to stick with straight color

    I'll post a comparison shot