Friday, July 6, 2012

light and Color Practice

I need to work on color and light so I gave my self an asignment:

wooden stick, red brick, chrome disk, sunlight, outdoor.

I tried to think this out as logically as possible starting with the main masses and adding shadow, key, bounce, reflectivity, etc 1 at a time.

 Here's my result. No reference.


  1. The pyramid looks a little funky to me. That's cool that youre practicing this though.

  2. Funky pyramid haha... found that funny, dunno why

  3. Jon, you're my hero. :) Also, I like the butcher illustration. I have a question. How do get those really saturated oranges/red-ranges? I'm working on an illustration right now, and I can't get the feeling of sunlight on a part of it.

    One crit on the lighting: the shadow of the chrome disk and wooden stick don't match. I hope it's not just me. XD

    Keep up the awesomeness! :D

  4. wow, this is such an awesome assignment! but I guess you can give yourself these challenges after practicing a certain number of paintings, right?

  5. Thanks Nikhita, I do these whenever I feel like ive gained a bit more knowledge since the last one. However I "should" try to approach every painting I do in this way.