Friday, May 18, 2012

#183 paint over

After learning about atmospheric perspective and the use of high key, low key, middle key and notan in artworks from Syd Mead and NC Wyeth, this painting began to bug me so I took an hour to paint over it.

I pushed the contrast in the foreground. and lost contrast in the background I think this helped add some realism to this painting.


  1. Looks a lot better than the previous version.
    Although you should think about scale and material properties too.

    Is it stairs on the bottom right? Looking at the painting I thought the statue is a bit bigger than a human until I saw the stairs. The overall scale relationships seem a bit off. Again if it's stairs the walls around the statue must be gigantic which wouldn't make sense to me.

    Also what kind of material is the rock and the yellow rock? Looking at the local color it's hard for me to tell what the wall is made out of. It looks like purple rock that is very smooth and polished cause it reflects so much of the sky. I would expect something matt, worn and dirty instead.
    The bottom part of the wall looks like gold to me which I wouldn't expect in this scenario.
    I'm being picky here but you brought your lighting skill to a level where you can start paying attention to other stuff too. In this case scale, material properties etc. Even if it's just a sketch it is important to think about those things. Keep going! I'm always looking forward to seing your progress.

  2. Great stuff, man! This painting, and your incense burner! :D

  3. Thanks guys. I see what you mean now ,Goro, and now my painting seems ridiculous haha. I will keep scale relationships and material properties in mind on my next painting. Maybe I'll try something similar.