Sunday, January 1, 2012

Desert View

Hello! hope you all had a good New Year,

Heres the lines and simple values for the next piece I'll be working on.

I've found that putting in the time and effort to get a solid thumbnail and tight lines really pays of during the coloring part, making it a whole lot more fun.

Color soon!


  1. Getting more technical, I see. Can't wait.

  2. I need to practice drawing in photoshop. Do you have any tips? I find that when I paint with a strong under drawing everything is tighter but I haven't really done that in Photoshop. I noticed you do that.

  3. Hey Andy, I pretty much adopted the whole method we learned from Yee's class for my last few paintings.

    I start by thumb-nailing my ideas really loose, then I pick one I like and thumbnail a bunch more with that composition in mind, then I blow the one I like most to full canvas size and start researching and reference gathering for everything in the picture, in this case, 1800's clothing, desert rocks, trees, etc and put them all in a new canvas on my 2nd monitor. then i set the opacity of the blown up thumbnail down to about 30% and draw on top of it. using my reference. from there I may continue adding new layers on top of each drawing while lowering the opacity of the previous drawing till I get a drawing as tight as I want for the piece.

    In terms of the technical side of drawing It's really nothing more than what we've learned from Yee's and Sheldon's class. Just do a lot of figure drawing with the occasional rendering and you'll find your drawings from imagination improve. At least that's what I noticed on my own work. In fact I'd suggest an hour of 5 min figure poses every day.

    check out

    Hope this made sense!

  4. Whoo! Good tips and nice website. Thanks for sharing :D