Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#152 A longer painting

I decided with this one, I wanted to bring the painting much further than I usually do. Just to see what I could get done . The light is doing some strange things but I guess that wasn't really the point of the painting...  Here's the finished painting. About 6 hours from thumbnails to final painting. I'm happy with it :)


  1. Incredible piece. Saturate those red lava more, I want to really feel the heat. Still awesome, I probably need tutorials from you more.

  2. lol! a pile of dead corpses would have been cool but this works too! You can bring out the highlights on the sword a little more.. Sorta like a gleam but only if you saturate the light from the lava more.. Try playing around with the dodge tool to see what you get... Overall very nice!