Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Sketchbook.

I finished my sketchbook for 112a and it's the first sketchbook I've ever completed cover to cover. I'm happy with the sketchbook as a whole and learned alot from it. Time to take it up a notch with this new one though... take it up a notch and slow it down. more observation, less generalization.

Anyway, today In 112, Dave Yee showed us a bit on sketchbooking in general. he showed us Baron Story's "triangles" that help slow you down when you find yourself scribbling away without thinking about the subject, and he showed us Carlos Haunte's "Primitive Shapes": using simple cubes, spheres, and cylinders to make random designs. It's an exercises in making your mind thinking in 3 dimentions. and its for damn sure more fun than drawing cubes... Definately check out both of these amazing artists!

And here's the beginning of my new sketchbook.


  1. oo thanks for the links jonathan :)

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  3. You're welcome Deim
    Alvin, Good! see you there!

  4. What kind of sketchbook is that?

  5. It's just a moleskin sketchbook I bought from the campus bookstore.