Monday, September 26, 2011

#144 Sunny SJSU

I took a different approach to today's painting. I first laid down general shapes with a large soft brush, trying to be accurate with color, value, saturation, temperature, and composition. then i went over the painting again with a hard round brush and separated the masses with edges.

I like the result. there's a lot of fun variation in edge quality because of the large soft under painting. And its ideal for complicated scense like this because im not thinking about detail untill after my colors and values are already chosen.

it's also really fast. I did this in about 30 minutes.

Greenscreen like a baws!


  1. Good job Jonathan!
    I can see you are still making gigantic leaps forward! 144 is impressive. I love how you always experiment with new approaches. I haven't done any personal paintings lately. Need to get back to it again. Keep going and keep inspiring other people!

  2. Thank you Goro! I'd love to see you do some new work too!

  3. Ha, I was totally inspired by this! (but you already caught that)Really awesome stuff.